Engineering and Communication Systems Programming

- Programming for instrumentation, data acquisition, and charting
- Serial and TCP/IP communication (over many different mechanisms)
- Reliable automated data collection from remote devices
- Monitoring and testing systems to quickly produce robust systems that minimize support issues
- Integration of various analog and digital signals to PC programs
- Motion control systems
- Embedded control systems development (hardware and software)
- Audio & Video capture, playback, and external device control

Primary tools:
Embarcadero (CodeGear, Borland) Delphi and InterBase
Firebird relational database (Windows & Linux)
CopyCat and CopyTiger for database replication

FreePascal and Lazarus (using Synapse) for embedded Linux
TurboPower Async Professional

Other tools we use
New! Various development options

Available at reasonable rates for contract or part-time employment via telecommute with occasional on-site. Small projects and maintenance projects are welcomed.

Please see the AsyncPro page for Async Professional support and files. Sample source code is also available on that page, and a lot more source code is available on the Control Pascal page.

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TurboPower open source libraries

Mach One.5 Videotape Editors
Grass Valley GVG-300 Video Production Switchers

Other Resources and Information:
Cleaning up the Delphi uses statements
Program EXE depends on Delphi design-time and compile-time environment
Detecting an Internet Connection

Here is the resume.
One patent here

Just for fun, here is a (poor quality 395 KB) capture of our animated logo from 1987.
Notes on the Kenwood TH-F6A Amateur Radio

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