Mach One.5 Upgrades 

Freeware Mach One.5 Videotape Editor Upgrades

Changes to the program file when upgraded from 1.14 to 1.30
Note that these changes are not in the 1.14 manual.

Improvements made in version 1.30:

  • EDL format changed to support: 8 character reel labels, 4 audio channel modes (only Sony protocol D2 and D3 VTRs supported), Motion (speed) notes with the speed expressed in percent.
  • Import and converstion of CMX-3600 lists to support the above features, convert split events to Mach One cluster events, and move notes to above the referenced event. Import of GVG lists is also supported. With a separate preconversion program (available upon request) the Sony-9000 list is also supported.
  • Add capability of using a mouse or trackball for VTR jog/shuttle. If two buttons they are for mark in/out. If three buttons the center button toggles between jog and shuttle mode. A DOS mouse driver must be loaded.
  • Various improvements to the diagnostic motion test.
  • Sync Mode easier since don't need to set unused ports to 'N'.
  • When conforming a list manually, you can search for the next occurrence of a particular VTR reel with the keystrokes: <x-VTR> <SEEK EVENT> <REEL NO.>.
  • On the VTR serial ports, DTR and RTS are set high so certain self-powered RS-232 to RS-422 convertors will operate correctly.

Operational notes:

  • On a 486 or faster computer, you may need to disable internal cache memory to get a VPR-80 to be recognized.
  • D2 and D3 record timings were changed by 1 frame.
  • The non-VTR reel designations have been changed.

Problems in version 1.14 that are corrected in version 1.30:

  • A D3 VTR is recognized as a D1 VTR.
  • A BVU-950 is recognized as a D2 VTR.
  • VPR-80 speeds in jog and shuttle operation are wrong.
  • Sony protocol VTRs jog speed is not limited to X1 speed.
  • ESAM commands to Sony MXP-S390 need to be sent in a different order.
  • VTR motion notes cannot be sent earlier than 11 frames before REC-IN.
  • Searching by BVW-40 and BVU-950 is limited by the VTR search speed.
  • FFWD or REWIND or searching on VO-9850 will unthread the tape.
  • Tracking events (not used by the Mach One) are not handled correctly for D and W events.
  • <UPDATE> followed by <AUDIO/VIDEO> does not work correctly because the menu prompt asked for the <Y> key which is the same as <AUDIO/VIDEO>.
  • Once a timing error was detected, the message was never cleared if further operation was correct.

Changes made to the manual when it was upgraded from 1.14 to 1.14 Rev B

Technical/Installation manual:

  • Correct the resistor value for the timing circuit (680 K-ohm).
  • Update information on sources for RS-422 serial ports.

Users Guide:

  • Change <UP> to <DOWN> (to add an event) in GETTING STARTED.

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