Mach One.5 Options 

Mach One.5 Videotape Editor Options

This file summarizes the hardware, software, and support options that are available (or planned) for the MACH ONE.5 VIDEOTAPE EDITOR. I have been providing MACH ONE support since 1984.

Hardware to support the freeware software

Two port asynchronous serial RS-422 communication adapter with versatile address and interrupt selection for the IBM AT. These adapters conform to the American National Standard for television, digital control interfaces, electrical and mechanical characteristics. This card is the TV-200S available from Quatech.

Serial interface adapters (self-powered and some include a cable) to convert from 9-pin RS-232 to the 9-pin RS-422 interface for television equipment used to be available.

Planned (ask about these):

  • MO-Sync/Lpt: Small 2" by 2" timing circuit adapter that connects to a LPT parallel port. Has a BNC connector to which you connect a reference video signal. The adapter also has a power supply connector to which you supply +5 volts. A cable is supplied that has two 5 pin DIN keyboard connectors to put inline with your keyboard, and a power connector to go to the adapter. For PS/2 computers (and certain other computers) that use a 6-pin mini DIN for the keyboard, you will need a pair of 5 to 6 pin adapters (not included).
  • 4-port serial adapter cards
  • Circuit with relay drivers and 8 relays
  • Colored and labeled key caps for common PC keyboards
  • Trackball (for VTR jog/shuttle and MARK keys)
  • Shuttle knob (for VTR jog/shuttle)

Options for the fully supported MACH ONE.5 version

  • Customized software, optimized for your particular equipment
  • Serial Interfaces (2, 4, or 16 ports per card). We normally use the Hostess 550 from Comtrol Corporation that has sixteen RS-232/422 ports on a single card.
  • PC card (CYRREL-16 from CyberResearch or the REL-16 from Keithley MetraByte ) with 16 fast-acting reed relays for GPIs with optional termination hardware from Kontron.
  • Custom dedicated keyboard ( Gateway 2000 124-key AnyKey+ keyboard with 49 custom keycaps and a JLCooper VTR transport controller: MCS or CS-1 )
  • Custom board (mounts into a Nova C-2A chassis) that connects to an RS-232 port and provides an improved timing circuit (has CF ID input), control of an external video preview switcher, and also the JLCooper interface. All of our clients are now using an ESAM audio mixer (Sony, Graham Patton, Zaxcom) for audio preview switching. Most systems are using a Nova video 4x1 switcher for video preview switching, although we do support using an Aux bus on the GVG-200 or Phillips Digital Diamond switchers.
  • PC, configured and tested
  • Yearly support option with 24 hour support telephone number


Order Information

To place an order, please contact me by email. Check, money order, or COD. Purchase orders upon approval.  We regret that at the moment we are only able to take orders for delivery in the United States.

Thanks for your support and consideration!
Paul Breneman,
Breneman Labs

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